Do You Have an Up-Sell Cross-Sell Strategy

Do You Have an Up-Sell Cross-Sell Strategy

McDonalds added billions of dollars to their bottom line when they trained their staff to always ask, “Do you want fries with that”. Or I remember the push to add the apple pie to your meal.

Think about your business and how you can create a cross sell strategy. I can hear some of you now saying, “That won’t work for me”. Let’s look at some ideas:

·       a flower shop… “do you want a vase with that?”

·       a law office… “do you want ‘a will’ with that?”

·       selling a digital camera… “do you want a memory card with that?”

·       a sporty family vehicle… “do you want a roof rack with that?”

·       a cup of coffee…”would you like a pastry with that.”

·       An exterior paint job…”would you like your windows cleaned when we are done?”

It may not be obvious right now but if you slow down and think about your business and what a cross sell can do for your business, you can begin improving your business now! Without spending more money on marketing or advertising!

Step 1: Put yourself in the mind of the buyer. Think about the Pizza advertisements you see now, that are adding on either garlic or cheesy bread. Very low-cost high margin item.

Step 2: Train your staff to always ask, “Would you like (Insert your product or service here) with that.”

Step 3: Monitor the results of your team’s performance and acknowledge and reward those that make the most cross sells.

Amazon attribute more than 20% of their revenue to cross selling. Don’t wait. If you would like to explore ways to create your cross sell strategy and to transform your business let’s chat.

John Gies

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